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About Us:

Welcome to the Iraqi Businessmen Union for the United Kingdom Branch. We are an international organization of professional Businessmen who have banded together to achieve common goals in key areas.

IBMU was established in 2001 from the initiative of Iraqi businessmen in the private sector in order to further the interests of the national economy and to assist the International community and organisation to enter into development, investment and Trade with Iraq.

IBMU aim is to consolidate the relationship between the Iraqi businessmen and their alike on an international scale; we endeavour to establish mutual relationships with businesses, organizations and unions all over the world. As part of our efforts is to advance on international agendas.

Mohammed Delamie
Mohammed Delamie President Of Ibmu
IBMU develops working partnerships with national and international industrial trade and encourage investment and the transfer of modern technology to Iraq in order to contribute to the process of developing, advancing, expanding and diversifying its productivity and service base. Also by reinforcing confidence in the investment climate and identifying investment opportunity in it and promoting it.

IBMU Encourage the Iraqi and foreign investment by providing the necessary incentives to establish the investment projects , develop the human resources according to market demands and provide employment opportunities ,In accordance with the Law to work side by side with The National Investment Commission in establishing ,Plans ,systems and rules for the national investment Polices.

Member Of:

Field Structure:

Construction of special activities of the members of Iraqi Businessmen Union.
The Commercial activity
The Industrial activity
The Agricultural activity, animal resources and fodders
Financial activity, exchange, printing, the publicity and declaration
Chemical, oil and energy
The tourism, hotel, travel, general transportation and the marine service
Technology and electronics activities
Contracts and the commerce of the estates activity
Computers and communications activity
Legality consultation and legal profession

IBMU Activities:

Holdings specialized scientific economic conference and as the following:
  • Conference
  • Foreign investment conference
  • Investment and economical Industrial openness conference
  • Strategy of Agricultural Development Animosity Asset
Active Association of union in:
  • UN -HABITAT organization for housing
  • International trading organization
  • International Business organization
  • International Bank
Associated Commissions and as the following:
  • Iraqi – Ukraine commission
  • Conversation meetings with Economical Chamber of German
  • Iraqi – Spanish Commission
  • Iraqi – Austria Commission
  • Iraqi – Italian Commission
  • Iraqi – Oman Commission
  • Iraqi – Indonesia Commission
  • Iraqi – Algeria Commission
  • Iraqi – American Commission
  • Iraqi – Indian Commission
  • Iraqi – Philippine Commission
  • Iraqi – Malaysian Commission
  • Iraqi – Slovakian commission
  • Iraqi – Indian commission
  • Iraqi – Lebanon commission
  • Iraqi – Belarusian commission
Board Of Directors
Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors

  • Mohammed Delamie
    Mohammed DelamiePresident
    • Nizar Auchi
      Nizar AuchiHonorary executive director
      • Sheik Abdulrahman Abureshi
        Sheik Abdulrahman AbureshiHonorary executive director
        • Riahin Chalabi
          Riahin ChalabiVice President
          • Laith Hussain
            Laith HussainDirector of Secretary Department
            • Kaiser Ashami
              Kaiser AshamiDirector Of Public Relations Department
              • Raad Jamil Abd-Alahad
                Raad Jamil Abd-AlahadDirector of Finance Department
                • Sameer Muraab
                  Sameer MuraabPublic Relations Department
                  • Dr. Waiel Al-Bakri
                    Dr. Waiel Al-BakriPublic Relations Department
                    • Mohammed Kelenchy
                      Mohammed KelenchyPublic Relations Department
                      • Falah Kanno
                        Falah KannoPublic Relations Department