The Bylaw of Iraqi Businessmen Union (IBMU).

Article one: Name of the Union
Iraqi Businessmen Union is an economical professional one, featured with a moral personality, financial & Administrative independence.
Article Two: Objectives of the Union
  1. The Union aims at consolidating economical relations between Iraqi Businessmen and their companions in the World.
  2. Enhancement of the Iraqi Businessmen capabilities.
  3. Encouragement and support to the businessmen for foundation of economical and developmental projects.
  4. The union endeavours to provide business opportunities, through laying down the policy of national economical projects with the company’s apiring the carry out of reconstruction and business in Iraq.
  5. Working towards habilitation and operation of service establishments.
  6. Preparation of the studies and researches, concerning scientific, technical and economical feasibility for setting up new projects in Iraq, in addition to holding the scientific conferences and workshops that concern with development of the economical and different service sectors.
  7. Cooperation with the national, international and Arab financing organizations to support the private sector to get loans against available guarantees.
  8. Establishment of an electronic site on the internet, to give acquaints of the Iraqi businessmen, their activities and specializations, and provide the database for union members.
Article Three: Union Center
Permanent Union centre is in Baghdad, and has the right to open branches inside Iraq and abroad.
Article Four: Membership in the Union
The member of the union is subject to the following:

  1. Includes the member enrolment for anyone who bears the attribute of a Businessman, whether being a merchant, industrialist, contractor or agriculturist, as well as for the companies, or the commercial and consultant bureaus and their managing directors.
  2. To be having good reputation.
  3. To accept the bylaw of the Union.
Article Five: Loss and Suspension of the Membership
  1. The membership is terminated in case of violation
  2. By resignation after submitting a notification
  3. In case of disappearance of the reasons
Article Six: Board of the Directors
The Union is administrated by the president.
Article Seven: Authorities and assignments
The president is considered to be the highest authority at the union.
Article Eight: Meetings
The meetings will be held at the union headquarters or any place chosen by the board every quarter of the Year.
Article Nine: President & Chairman of the Board
  1. General meetings and the branch board of directors will be chaired by the president of the Union.
  2. Representing the union before the official and semi-official bodies.
Article Ten: Treasurer
  1. The treasurer undertakes collecting all the incoming sums.
  2. Submits in each year the balance sheet and the accounts of the previous year.
Article Eleven: General Assembly
The general assembly consists of the enrolled members to the union.
Article Twelve: Registries of the Union
The union should keep the following registries:

  1. Members Log.
  2. Decisions Book.
  3. Accounts Registry.
  4. Correspondence Log.